Problem with my SSL certificate


sorry i post my problem here because until now, i didn’t receive response from Comodo Support since September 29. 2006. On September 27, I purchased PositiveSSL Certificate for But unfortunately, something problem happened to our so it already changed to I already sent 3 times email using submit a ticket and direct mail. But until now, i didn’t receive any response from Comodo Support. What happen? I Checked to my Credit Card Provider and they said, Comodo is already debet from my credit card. So, What should i do?


The email you sent to support on Sept 29 was replied to on Sept 29.
there is no record of any subsequent emails.

With PositiveSSL, you must be able to receive the Domain Control Validation email to the address that you selected during the purchase of the certificate.

At present, that is set to

The support team have re-sent the Domain Control Validation email to that address, and I have again today re-sent it.

Please check any Spam filters etc to make sure it has not been caught.

If you need support to send it to another email address, please submit a ticket and they can provide you with the list of allowable email addresses the Domain Control Validation email can be sent to.