Problem with "My own safe list"


I have a lot of files in “My own safe list”, and I when I choose “purge”, Comodo scan folders. After that, it gives me a files that are not valid. If I click on “yes”, I get an error message :
“Error removing file … from safe files: -1”

Instead of using “purge”, I check a file in the list and after that I choose “Remove”. Comodo tells me that the file is NOT on the disk. It’s false.

Can someone tell me why ?

I don’t really understand how “My own safe files” work. Each time I lauch it, Comodo scans the folders for populating the list.

Please help me ; I apologize for my english but I’m French.


You got me curious and I purged the My own safe files. It finds a few files in windows\lastgoodsystem32\ that it won’t fix with the same message. The files belong to the ATI Catalyst driver suite.

Where are the files located on your system?

The files in the “My own safe files” are located in a lot of subfolders of

  • Program Files
  • Windows.

I don’t understand why Comodo scans folders for populating the safe list each time I click on “My own save files”. Is there a problem somewhere ?

Defense+ setting is set to “Train with safe mode”.

There was an update shortly after the release of CPF 3 Full Version. Have you “Checked for updates” under Miscellaneous?

Installing the update resolved the simular issue I had with cpf 3.