Problem with Mozilla Thunderbird


I’ve just downloaded Comodo, and it looks fine etc… but its pissing me off. It refuses to allow my email program (Thunderbird) to access the net. If I exit comodo, my email prog works fine. I have set it to be a trusted application, I have set it to allow. I even definied the host name for it to connect to, but nothing works. Worse than that, every time I load it, it forgets its allready been allowed, and asks me again, and also keeps asking for other programs that have allready been allowed.

Can someone please suggest a way for me to fix this annoying problem?

Other than this, it looks like a nice program.


Hi and welcome to the forum. If you go here>,2405.msg25794.html#msg25794

Scroll down a bit in this post until you see Thunderbird settings.

There are some who share their working comodo settings for thunderbird as well as others, hopefully you will find this useful. As far as pop ups go, did you check the always allow button? Then it won’t keep asking. You can also set the pop up alerts to low.