Problem With Mozilla Thunderbird

Hey Everyone. ever since i installed CPF i havent been able to acces my e-mail through mozilla thunderbird. i am using AVG antivirus aswell .now when i go to open thunderbird avg e-mail scanner goes to scan the e-mail for a virus and thunderbird says that it cannot connect to my ntl e-mail address and then avg e-mail scanner gets if i turn off the CPF firewall then it connects no problem and avg e-mail canner scans the e-mails properly so im guessing that my firewall must be blocking thunderbird from connecting to the internet. i have looked under the component monitor and cant see thunderbird in there. im confused someone please lead me in the right direction thankyou.

I had the same problem.

Go to the CPF help and in the Search enter “AVG”. Follow those directions.

Have you had a look in the logs yet? (Activity, Logs). Maybe something is being shown as blocked in there.