Problem with Limited Accounts

I’m testing the software in some computers in school and I’m having a problem with limited accounts. Comodo causes the computer to ask for the password of the admin to access the hard drive like it doesn’t have the proviledges to do so. Is that normal ? I do have the password of the admin account and I used the admin account to install Comodo. But I want the other users to log in with the limited account for added security but Comodo bothers them by making UAC ask admin password.

Can you provide more details such as OS and if you have secure shopping installed and when does the request happen what steps does it take for it to appear? I haven’t noticed any issues once I logged in under a standard user account on windows 10.

The alerts come from UAC telling me Comodo is trying to access the hard drive. They appear typically at computer startup but can appear later. However they appear quite often at startup. Appearing later is not often. It happens in Windows 7(5 laptops), Windows 8.1(2 laptops) and Windows 10(1 dekstop). I don’t have secure shopping installed. Sandbox and Defense+ are disabled. I just wanted a basic AV that I could use in a school. They don’t want to pay for protection.

It’s really weird no one else commented on this. This is a very serious problem because you can’t leave Comodo alone to anyone who doesn’t have the admin password.

What is the executable that is identified in the UAC prompt?

Hi jeims,
May you please provide some information about application in question so we could look into it further?

Also please provide diagnostic report.


Hi Jeims,

Can you please provide the snapshot of the UAC settings you have and you can check that in
Control Panel → System and Security → Change User Account Control settings, added my snapshot for reference.

and also please provide the snapshot of the UAC popup you get after selecting show details for further investigation, added one similar popup for your reference.

Thanks in Advance.

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Please check again with thanks.