Problem with Leapforce toolbar

I’m not a computer ■■■■, so please be kind. I have this toolbar that does not play well with Comodo. Every time I log in, it keeps asking me to approve executables that I approved the day before. It only gives me the options to name it a Windows System File or an Isolated file. I can’t name it as trusted. Evidently, it is not saving these approvals.

I am told I need to add certain files to the trusted files, but can’t figure out how to do it. I browse, but I can’t find the toolbar files anywhere. It’s a FF add-on, so would those files be in the Firefox folder? I’m really getting tired of the popups.


Could you please take a screenshot of your Defense + Events, which are found by opening CIS and navigating to Defense+View Defense+ Events? You can then upload it here or click Additional Options… when posting and attach it. Before taking a screenshot, make sure to maximize the window for the Defense+ Events so that the file paths won’t be truncated. Once we know which file is causing your problem it’ll be easier to create a rule that solves it.