Problem with latest update Anti_virus

I use Comodo Firewall & Anti-Virus.
I update Anti-virus (software and base of viruses), click on info about succesfully instalation, then I see small window with text “CavAUD.exe …” , then my komputer reseting, and Windows loading 10-15 sek. and reseting, loading reseting …

Anybody can help me??

Thx for all answers

Ps. Sorry for my english.

Hi stachu,welcome to the forums. But, sorry its under such circumstances.

I think that’s a fairly serious result of an attempted installation. Wow. Is there anything in the Windows Event log around the time of the crash? Also which version of CAVS were you installing? Do you have any other security related products installed? Did anything pop-up & inquire about the CAVS installation? Did your PC reset itself, ie. was it a BSOD, or was the reset performed manually because of a system hang? Sorry for all the questions. ;D

Hi Kail,

I have the same problem with the update of CPF. I did not yet updated Comodo Antivirus. Now i am running CPF version,everything good. Til today. My computer was running well,then CPF announced a update,and i downloaded the update. Then problems began,computer shutting down,reboot after reboot and starting in save mode was not possible. So i recovered my computer and was running well again. Then after the update the same thing happened…

Still not discovered that the CPF update was the possible cause of this problem,i checked every possible cause of the problem. The computer was OK,nothing strange in the logfiles of Windows,no hardware problems. No nothing!

Then after another round of reboot after reboot,i came to the conclusion that the CPF-update might causes all the problems. And i am almost sure that the CPF-update is the problem. And maybe the Antivirus-update as well.

Hope you can do something with this info,Kail. I hope so,cause Comodo is good!


Hi Brakovich

Did you get an actual BSOD? Blue Screen (Scream?) Of Death?

No i did not have any BSOD. Windows shuts down by itself,and computer is rebooting til the bootscreen and rebooting again and again. Tried to start up in save mode,but even that did not work. I had to recover my computer.

Was there anything in the Windows Event logs corresponding to the time just prior to the 1st restart? Or subsequently when it tried to restart and couldn’t? Are there any DMP files in the Minidump directory for the time-frame of the crash/restarts?

No,because i recovered and my computer did not want to start in save mode,all the logfiles are clean…
And there is no Minidump directory in my Windows-folder.


Computer is now running without the CPF-update,and is running well.

OK. I think you should go to Comodo Support, register on their system & raise a ticket on this issue. If you do that please post any feedback/resolution that you may receive from Support, thanks.

Hi Kail,
Now that I read this I remember that probably does not have to do with the update but with the version and
On my computer occasionally it blocks all connections but no BSOD.
On a friends computer the version worked fine for 3-4 days and all of a sudden gave a silent BSOD and after that it costantly rebooted. It was impossible to enter in safe mode.

ps. stupid me. It didn’t crossed my mind that CPf could be the source of the problems. I could had extracted the Minidump files through my pc. :-\

Hi Everyone,

I have 2 PCs with the same problem (yesterday CAVS update make system continuosly resetting after first reboot)!

Windows Safe mode doesn’t work!
Please post a solution!!!



I suppose may be:

  • a CAVS bug;

  • a virus that use the CAVS’ update “door” (a CAVS bug too);

What do you think?


Since I saw this on a pc where CAVS was not installed, makes me think that could be a CFP bug. And the last update of CAVS triggers it.

latest data file detect’s winlogon.exe as a virus and deletes it. Been all morning fixing computers client’s because of that. To solve it : boot with a boot cd, copy winlogon.exe from dllcache or servicepackfiles\i386 to it´s place. Reboot ans start in safe move. disable antivirus service with msconfig. reboot and start normaly. Uninstall antivirus.

Hi All

I would like to apologise for this cock up on our part! This was not a bug, but a process flaw.

This False Positive should have been caught during our QA process. It wasn’t! Our fault!
we sincerely apologise and we are making sure to put things in place that this doesn’t happen again. This was a Process flaw and again I am sorry! If things are our fault we will own up to it and say sorry!



So now this problem is fixed finaly? I’m not good in english that is the reason why i ask this. From now, CAV is fixed, and we can use it again?

Gosh, that sounds really serious :o. I’m constantly checking for updates even though CAVS is set for every hour. Curious as to why my system is still up and running.


So,it was the Antivirus!

I am using other software now and all is running well. I hope there will be a patch asp.
Then i am going to use CPF and Antivirus from Comodo again.

Till then, :THNK

Hi, I’m back again!

But why you don’t put your Antivirus and other products in Open Source state?!!!
With the Open Suorce develop model you can rapidly reach:

  • stability;
  • functionality (integration with Windows Security Center, for example)
  • quality (coordinating many people’s know how);
  • performance (speed with less system resource);
  • rapid time to market (many people’s know how);


p.s. Thanks for the solution…

… and more with Open Source:

  • visibility (publicity) on the market for your core business and products: Internet Security Services!!!


I have been trying to understand this problem all day.
Not being an expert, i try to stay away from Betas
i always thought that when a virus is detected it is put into quarantine and then if there were no problems that virus was deleted.
It is possible to set the Bios to boot from a cd,having done that it should be possible to repair any problems,if of course you have an XP disc,and from there uninstall CAVS which obviously was the problem or at least the update was.
If i am talking nonsense,please tell me .