Problem with Java Runtime Environment update (jqsnotify.exe)

Has anyone updated to the newest Java? If so has anyone had an issue with jqsnotify.exe using 48-50% CPU when it starts? Cause I installed Java and they install a Java Quickstart function in services and I tried Disabling the service and yet jqsnotify.exe still started and hung around 50% CPU. I uninstalled it since I dont like this so called new service (jqsnotify) and went back to the that was fine. They just listed a bunch various bug fixes for the update to .10 anywho.

Maybe it was the way it was listed in CFP but it was listed as Custom cause I walked it through install and then I tried Trusted App and a restart but yet still ran into the 50% CPU usage. Might be a bug with the service but IDK I’ll just stick with the old 1 until I get a chance to look more into it.

Yep - me too. If I click on a link on a page which uses java (I think), the whole thing freezes up and all I can do is get task manager up (which takes an age) and kill jqsnotify

Just found a solution :BNC add jqsnotify to the exclusion list in Memory Firewall

Could this be a bug on their side?

I have two comments about JRE 6u10 and Comodo products. First, it is necessary to add java.exe (both copies) to the CMF exclusion list (refer to the discussion in the CMF forum). It also appears that jqsnotify.exe must be added also (see the foregoing post and the CMF forum also).

Second, however, is to point out that jsnotify.exe can be avoided altogether in the Java Control Panel: just open this (from the Windows CPL), select the Advanced tab, scroll down to the bottom and expand Miscellaneous. Then simply uncheck the Java QuickStarter option.

No more problems with jqsnotify.exe.