Problem with installing CIS

So at the moment i have esetnod32, and i also have comodo firewall. I no longer wish to continue my subscription with eset nod32. And i wish to use comodo internet security.

I know that comodo internet security is both antivirus AND firewall.

When i checked out the installation by downloading it, it gave me the option of selecting antivirus, firewall and the geekbuddy thing. So i unchecked everything and ketp antivirus in check.

When i proceeded to install it came up with this message.

• COMODO Internet Security 5.x

i pressed retry but it didnt work.

How do i go about installing CIS? I would really appreciate the help.

thank you good people :slight_smile:

Usually if FW and Def+ are already installed, you just go to start > all programs > COMODO > Comodo Firewall > add and remove components. Click on this last one and just follow the installation gui to add CAV.

Yesterday I installed CIS and I also had Comodo firewall already installed. However, Comodo would not let me install CIS without first completely uninstalling the firewall component, i.e., I had to abort the install, uninstall Comodo firewall, and then install CIS. Did the message you received tell you to uninstall 5.x first? Did you?

If not installed properly (in <Programs . . . Comodo> do you have the option to “Add/Remove Components”) I would suggest uninstalling whatever you have installed and doing a fresh CIS install, this time leaving at least the AV and firewall checked.