problem with installation file

I have a curious Problem with CIS. As soon as I download installation file (CIS 3.10…) from, my PC will frozen. Is it unpossible to work. I have 2 PC´s (1.Win XP SP2 with Panda AV,2. XP SP3 with Avira) at home but the same Problem. I must have to erase installation file in safe mode to resolve freezing. Very curious… :o

Hello lauko.b

It’s not 100% clear to me, does it freeze while downloading or during installation ?
Can you try with the AV disabled see if that helps ?

It is no possible to copy, move or transfer this CIS file. After the complete downloading start PC frozen. You can not run installation process.

Looks like some security or other software is locking it can you close the browser you used to download, and if that doesn’t work, check you AV to see if it reports something about CIS ?