Problem with "Incoming email scan" and MS Outlook 2003


after CAV update i had a problem with outlook
when retreiving my email automatically every x minutes there was a “network authentification” popup from outlook requesting confirmation of username and password

after deselecting “Incoming email scan” of CAV this did not occur again…
anyone else with the same problem or a suggestion how to overcome it?


(V) (WCF11)

HI. I’m a brand new Comodo Antivirus and Firewall User. I’m having the same problem. MS Outlook is always asking for a password. When you try to save it … it does not.

Is there any new info on this?

I have Office 2003 Pro and I’m getting problems now that I’ve installed CAV. I am getting the login box popups and I’ve also had to run a repair on Outlook. Unless I turn off the incoming mail scan I cannot use Outlook.

I haven’t had this problem with it, the only problem I have had is it taking up 100% of the PC resources when scanning incoming mail.