Problem with icon and location file

Window XP sp2
Comodo firewall only
Ver 4.1.150349.920

Sorry I am not good explaining the problem.When an application launch for an alert , the application location cannot be found.Beside the icon on active process and etc all disappear and change to unknown.The location of an application doesn’t match , D:\Program Files\ but it came out C:7\Program Files\

Here I attach some picture on it .Hope someone can guide me through on fixing them.Thank you :slight_smile:

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Does this happen with every program that you launch? Since when does this happen? Did you recently change something on your computer?

I dont know much what I had change since I am newbie .I seldom realize it because I set my firewall to safe mode or training mode , with less alert.
I only remember I did uninstall and reinstall once .But , it still works well after that.Out of the sudden after a period of time , a month , this problem occur .

I know very less on security newbie , if I wanted to describe on myself.
Just now i uninstall and reinstall it back , still doesn’t solve it.I have no idea what causes it. ???

Really appreciate for someone to help out ,Thank you :slight_smile:

First of all running D+ all the time in Training Mode is not a good thing. It bascially disables D+. It will learn the rules of all programs that run including malwarle.

Only use Training Mode for a short period of time, think minutes, when you want it to learn the rules for one application (typical example a game; you won’t see alerts when the game is in full screen mode). Only use Training mode when you are absolutely sure you are free of malware.

Instead I suggest Clean PC mode when you just installed your OS or after you ran multiple scanners and you trust your computer to be clean.

For now I would like you to scan your computer for malware following What to do if you’re infected - eXPerience Rev.3 and report back.

I forgot to mention I had an antivirus AVG free.If it’s infected , AVG will notified me.

The catch with malware today is that there is being made so much no one scanner can keep up with it completely. That’s why it is always suggested to let multiple scanners check when in doubt.

One of the things that struck me was the alert giving the path c:7\Program Files.… . I had never seen such format. Yesterday I saw something similar when running an av scan; it showed a similar path when reporting: m:7.….… .

Try disabling AVG residential shield and try again. Does the same thing happen?

Sorry for the delay , I had disable the AVG residential Shield but still it show’s up as C:7\Program Files
I did search on google but I can’t get any clue on it.Not even a single clue.
Really appreciate anyone who can help and guide me on this problem. :-\

Did you try scanning for malware? If you have not done so please do; just to be sure it is not some nasty beasts messing here.

Also check if Winrar got sandboxed. See if it is in My Pending Files. If that is the case select it and move it to My Own Safe Files. When Winrar is open close it. Now open Winrar again and see.

When you open Taks Manager. Do you see users mentioned in the User column or not?

Erm , actually it happen on every programs not only winrar.Everything prompt out will have an C:7\ in it.
I have no idea what is the cause of it.
It’s more like a window problem or maybe some registry problem on it.
I haven’t done those scanning since I worry i mistakenly delete something using those anti scan virus.
I only did a Hijackthis , seem it’s clean .

Then I am out of luck ideas for the moment…

Do you suggest me to uninstall my antivirus AVG and comodo firewall ?
After that reinstall with a newer version of comodo CIS ?

The new version is most certainly worth installing. It is best to start with a clean install or otherwise wait until September 28 for it to come on the automatic updater. Choose whatever av you are comfortable with.

With v5 the av has become lighter on resource. Updates quicker and is now better at handling opening folders with a lot of installer/archives (it no longer chokes).

Also the sandbox is significantly better. Better compatibility with kick â– â– â–  protection at the same time.

Do you know how to fully remove comodo firewall trace so I can install the latest CIS ?

Uninstall, reboot then run this clean up tool. Now you should be good to go.