Problem with Ice Dragon and signing in to my secure online banking?.

Suddenly I cannot sign into my online banking account using Ice Dragon nor Dragon. Until a week or so I could but not anymore. I have tried emptying the cache, clearing the cookies, disabling No-Script, Ghostery, Peer Block and even exited Comodo CIS but still cannot sign in. I can access my shortcut to my bank but as soon as I click on sign in I get the cannot access this web page message. I can sign into my bank using IE10 and Firefox just not using the two Comodo browsers. It is irritating as I have Ice Dragon set as my default browser and as I say I had no problems prior to a week to ten days ago. My OS is Windows 7. Can anyone here offer any help or a reason for this?. Although Ice Dragon and Dragon are not on my banks list of accepted browsers both have worked previously.

…does your bank website require java? - go to your plug-in page in the browser & make sure java is enabled…

Java is up to date and working on both 32 & 64 bit versions. I am in the UK and the bank in question is the NatWest. The link to the main page works ok but when I click on the sign in box I get the cannot access this site warning message and cannot proceed. Maybe one of you other Ice Dragon users can try and see what happens?.

Do you use the Comodo Secure DNS servers in Ice Dragon and Dragon? Can you post a screenshot of the alert?

Some banks do not allow but IE, make sure that it’s not the case , some proxy apps will not make me, for example, to sign in to yahoo, and I need to use an older version of Firefox .
some addons , AdBlockPlus will block access to signing in ,… it doesn’t have to be IcedRagon,…
I know EricJH got the lead on this, Thankfully, but I thought of sharing what I know .

I don’t have the the lead. You make good suggestions.

Also make sure that referrer logging is enabled.