Problem with HTML editor

Hi I recently downloaded the latest version of CAVS (01/11/07) and it kept on crashing my html editor, coffeecup, after about 2 mins of active use or 2 uploads via the built in ftp. I tried the following~

  1. Adding coffeecup to the allowed list, which took me a while to find as it was not where I expected it to be, it’s own tab would have been nice, I’ve tried ZoneAlarm and a few others and I was expecting something similar.

  2. Turning off the main settings, as in antivirus, hips email etc… and setting them to off on the main page. I did this 1 by 1 and restarted after each one.

  3. Deleting CAVS - this is the only thing that seemed to work which is a shame as overall I really liked it.

But as I need my html editor to run my business it has to go. If someone knows a way round this or something I didn’t try please let me know and I’ll give it another go as overall I really like it.

All the best