Problem with HOME network

Hi, i know, this topic in many ways is discussed before in many threads, though my situation is a bit different, meaning it is not the typical solution here what I think can help.

My gf and I had our PC´s in the same room up until now, connected both with a Router to the Internet. We had our Network connection to each other etc. , all as it should be.

Also all worked fine with our Comodo Firewall which we both have. Now last night, we decided to mover her PC and desk into the living Room for several reasons. So after rewiring and moving all that stuff into the other room, again, we both can do Internet fine etc. just not our HOME network. And we sure didn´t change a thing, except splitting our places where we use our PCs.

So why does the Windows HOME network doesn´t work like before ? Software, configuration, all that hasn´t changed. But it does not work. I even can still access her PC in the other room with UltraVNC, no problem. But just the ■■■■ HOME network doesn´t work. It tells both our PC´s that we don´t have the rights to access it etc. which is bull, because it worked before the move.

I tried making a new private Network with a different name, no effect. We also still have the same IP´s (internally) which we had before, still it doesn´t work with the Network. I am not even sure Comodo is the clue here, but I hope someone could help me anyways, because I don´t understand the issue. :frowning:

Thank you


This likes like an IP address mismatch. On each machine, what is the IP address? To be in the same LAN, the addresses have to be in the same address space, as defined by the home network zone. The zone definition used by CFP has to be the same on both machines.

Like I said above, the IP´s are the same. (my PC) , (her PC). And again, it worked before we moved the PC. Absolutely nothing was changed in CFP, on our PC´s or else.

Thats why I don´t understand why it doesn´t work anymore. Can´t change on its own.

Strange, as you say. My next suspect would be a wiring problem. But that may depend on this question.

It tells both our PC´s that we don´t have the rights to access it etc.

So what is “it”? CFP, or the router, or something else? I would presume CFP, but I don’t want to make any assumptions without making sure first.

Can both PC’s access the router? I’m guessing that you LAN setup looks something like this, both before the move and after, with the only difference being the physical wiring.
Internet ----- router ------+------- PC unmoved | +------- PC moved

I’ve done moves where I’ve had wire failures and hub failures. Uncommon, and a real pain to run down, but it does happen. It make take swapping wiring around to confirm everything is working correctly, or to see the problem migrate from one machine to another.