Problem with HIPS in Paranoid mode and a process that I've indicated as allowed


I’m having issues with my Comodo HIPS protection since I upgraded versions. Everytime I try and open an Excel or Word document from SharePoint 2013 (from Internet Explorer - I hate it, but SP works best in this browser), I get about 10 “action required” popup messages about the protocolhandler.exe process which is called to open the document in the proper program. I’ve indicated to Comodo to “allow” the program, I’ve also told it to treat like “Windows System Application” to no avail. The messages keep coming back every time for various registry keys.

It seems like some of the registry keys that the protocolhandler.exe access are considered “protected” however, once I tell Comodo to allow and remember my answer, shouldn’t it allow this program to access those keys now that I’ve told it this program is safe?

I’m currently running version Comodo Internet Security (which seems to be the newest - I don’t see any updates when I check).

Short of removing those keys from the protected keys area, I don’t see any other way to save myself this annoyance.

Any suggestions?

Hi! I have exactly the same problem and version as you! :-\