Problem with getting a licence for the Comodo firewall.

Sometime yesterday I downloaded the Comodo firewall because it was free and I read somewhere it was pretty good and it looks pretty good, I also like the interface, but I have yet to receive a licence, does this take some time to receive this? I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong. Thank you.


license should come in minutes…
check your spam folder
if not apply again.


I did a couple times, but the only thing I am getting is the comodo order confirmation and nothing else. I looked in my yahoo mail bulk folder and there is nothing there, I also tried to use another e-mail address but I didn’t receive anything in that e-mail address. Can you pm me a licence code please? I must have tried to do that thing three times and I just been receiving the order confirmation and I tried with another e-mail address and received nothing. Thank you.