problem with fullscreen applications

using windows 7 x64.

For some full screen applications such as games, my screen will hang and I cannot seem to do anything to get out of it. It can be solved by setting the application to “trusted application” before hand, so i assume there is a pop up for me to make a choice before the “hanging” but it happens as the screen always turn black (going into fullscreen), and i was not popped out to desktop to accept or deny. Alt tab etc all do not work as I am basically stucked with a black screen. System do not seem to have crashed as an mp3 player in the background was playing a song fine and even switched tracks when one ended.

Note:It does not happen for all fullscreen applications.

For games I bought I can safely set it to trusted application before hand, however I do not feel like this when trialing mods or small fans community made games etc thus this is giving me serious troujble.

Gaming mode is an old request here. Sadly unfulfilled until now.
Meantime you can put D+ in Training Mode, launch game, play a little, exit game and put D+ back to whatever mode it was before.

well , it’s not just games. When my younger cousin come over to my house and try some geography exploration cd he got from school the same thing happens.

though you can call it educational game if you wish

What burebista says applies to all full screen applications. The question typically gets raised by people who want to play games.

Just to add to this, Not only place D+ in Training mode, but place the Firewall in Training mode also.
(as an example, I have done this with Spore, Mass Effect 2, Dragon Age: Origins and Awakening, Bioshock 2 (as the most recent only) in Win7 x64, and have had no issues running the game or online with them.
Once trained, never have to use training mode with them again.

A note here as a follow-up with CIS4
Concerning gaming applications (full screen).

I have placed the game folders for Bioshock 2, Dragon Age Origins/Awakening, Doom 3, and Mass Effect 2 in my Safe Files list. These games now seem to be playing properly, and accessing the Internet as required for gameplay.

Would someone else please confirm this resolves their issues with gameplay?

Maybe if CIS just made the full-screen app minimized, before showing an alert pop up for it, it would be sufficient for most cases.

Comodo is working on a solution for this problem. Let’s see what they come up with.