problem with Firewall prolicy "trusted application"

OS: MSDN windows 7 ultimate
Antivirus: Avira Antivir Personal
Firewall: CIS. windows firewall has been turned off.
VMWare OS: RHEL 5.2

and, the problem is that SecureCRT with “trusted application” prolicy can not connect to my virtual machine, except turing the firewall defense level to disable.

help me plz…

Can you show a screenshot of the Firewall logs? They can be found under Firewall → Common Tasks → View Firewall Events.

there is one record of “allowed” SecureCRT,
protocol: TCP, src ip:, src port: 2188, dst ip:, dst port: 22.
Is the problem that the incoming data were blocked?

My SecureCRT version is 6.5, when my OS is xp sp3, this app work well with firewall, I just add SecureCRT to “trusted application” nothing more i changed.But now with windows 7 problem came out.

I checked the global rules,
row 1 : Allow All Outgoing Requests If The Target Is In [office Network] , logged
row 2 : Allow All Incoming Requests If The Sender Is In [office Network] , logged
the rest

office Network i had added to my trusted network.

Which machines are the IP addresses and What IP range defines the Office Network?

my machine that OS is windows 7, IP:
my virtural machine that OS is RHEL 5.2, IP:

my office Network, IP in []

today, CIS firewall has updated to version 3.14. I’ll have another try.

occasionally, i found my virtual machine(RHEL 5.2) ping my machine(windows 7) failed.
i think that’s the reason why my SecureCRT connect to my virtual machine, and prompted “connection time out”.

and my SecureCRT can sucessfully connect to a Server on my office Network which ip address is .

plz help me fix the problem, thx a lot.

it seems to be the windows 7 firewall and VMWare 7.0 not work well, but i turned off the windows firewall it also cant ping from RHEL 5.2 on VMWare 7.0 to windows 7(COMODO firewall safe mode), on other hand windows 7 ping to virtural machine RHEL 5.2 , prompting destination host(windonws 7) unreachable. When i set COMODO firewall level “disable”, I can use SecureCRT to connect my virtural machine, and also can successfully ping from RHEL 5.2 on VMWare 7.0 to windows 7. When “safe mode” SecureCRT can ssh to Server in the office Network, so it’s not the problem about trusted application policy on SecureCRT, it seems that the problem about VMWare.

Did anyone suffer the same as me? give me a hand plz,