Problem with files not functioning - caused by CIS 8.1

Hi all.

I need some help here.

Yesterday I installed my son computer and tried to copy some files from my computer to his with my sandisk 16gb pendrive. Some of these files are .exe and some of these didnt function when moved to the new computer. My system has CIS 8.1 final installed. His computer has no antivirus yet (I just installed windows and some updates yesterday).

The same files that didnt work on his computer work on my own. I tried to copy these files to a notebook and the same erro occour. When clicking on these files I get the message informing that the files are corrupted or broken, but i did several tests and these files are not corrupted or broken.

I guess that CIS did that thing with file dates but it did something deep with the files. The files are installers for .net framework, mozilla firefox, google chrome, internet explorer 11 and some other installers.

I need some help to elaborate this problem so we can report it for the devs to carry on.

Do you believe that it’s CIS on your local system that causes it or CIS on the target system?

If the files work correctly on your computer, look at the hash for one file, then move it to the pendrive and check the hash again and see if it has changed, if it has changed, try the same test with a computer that doesn’t have CIS installed.

hash changed. its comodo causing the problem.

Does it stop doing it when you disable Comodo modules? Have you tested from another computer without Comodo? How are you so certain that it’s Comodo? I’m not saying it’s not, just that from the posted information I don’t really see any evidence that it must be Comodo, it’s possible though.

I made a test with microsoft .net framework 4.5.1. i deleted the file from my computer and downloaded it from the computer that has cis 8 installed. all goes well except when I copy the file to my pendrive and try to paste it on the new computer. I paste it and when executing it says the file is corrupt or damaged.

I made the download from this computer (of the microsoft site) and the file was installed as supose to be.

this proves that the computer with CIS is changing something on some files on my computer and these changed files can not be copied or moved to other devices because they will not work.

this is sick and crazy… o.O

Just as a test, try downloading an installer to the computer without CIS and put it on the pen drive, then put it in another computer and run it. Perhaps you’ve tested that already but can’t see it.

I’m asking because from what I’ve read so far it sounds as if it could be explained by something as easy as a ‘broken’ pendrive.

did the test with 2 other computers and with 4 pendrives, all working fine (in fact one is a sandisk 32gb bought yesterday and working fine too).

the problem only occour on computer with cis 8.1 installed.

I see, is the hash changed directly when you put it on the pendrive? What happens when you run the installer from the pendrive on the computer with CIS, does it still claim corrupt?

Edit: Personally I can’t replicate this behavior, hash isn’t changed for me when I copy a file from my computer with CIS 8 to a flashdrive.

Have you tried re-installing CIS to see if that fixes the issue? I’d recommend also testing whether it still happens when CIS is uninstalled on the computer in question.

Edit 2: Perhaps it’s a configuration dependent issue, if you feel comfortable with it, could you upload your config so that I can test with it?