Problem with F.E.A.R Online

Greetings all,

I’ve downloaded a game called F.E.A.R Online, works fine on my old PC, except I can’t connect to any server.
I suspect this is related to my hardware firewall.
For your information, I got a D-Link DI-524, latest firmware.
All help is welcome.

(For Soya: EXP Reward: 15)


I won’t take it. I level up quicker by answering harder boss-related questions. Go ask Justin. This is one of his fav games.

Actually, I did ask Justin, he told me to try it :wink:
And he said he’d fix it thru Remote Assistance, but my computer seems to be so safe that Remote Assistance that launch.
So I thought I’d ask the PRO’s at Comodo Forum.
Now is there anyone that CAN help me?
Instead of being Soya declining my 15 exp reward… :smiley:


Maybe if you’ll include that diamond worth 150000 gil…

I honestly have no clue either, otherwise I’d help.