Problem with exclusions and geekBuddy

I wanted to exclude everything on a network share, so I had the remote server listed as an exclusion (i.e. \DTJ-A64*) for some time.

Today, however, when I accessed the share, Comodo detected a virus in a file on the share that I was not attempting to access. I know about the virus so I told it to ignore the file. 10 seconds later Comodo came up with the same popup. This happened about 4 times.

Looking under the file exclusions, the file was listed once for each time I told Comodo to ignore it. I deleted those exclusions.

I also deleted the original share exclusion and attempted to add it back but it will not add back. I can only add individual shared folders on that server rather than the server itself.

In addition to that, the GeekBuddy window popped up several times. I never installed GeekBuddy, and I can’t find it installed anyway (under installed programs or in any Comodo settings).

Why is Comodo ignoring my exclusions, and why is GeekBuddy popping up? How can I disable GeekBuddy?

The Comodo AV has the annoying properties to ask 5-7 times before it accepts something completely as excluded. Very annoying and has been righteoulsy critisized many times.

You can uninstall GeekBuddy from the list of installed software in Control Panel. When you follow the default settings of the installer it will get installed alongside with Comodo Dragon browser.

When you start the installer you will see the Customize Installer link under the Agree and Install button. When clicking on that you can change various things including the installation of GB and Dragon. See attached image.

[attachment deleted by admin]

GeekBuddy does not show up in the control panel. Only COMODO Internet Security shows up. I was never asked to install GB.

Are you referring to a screen like the one attached? That does not mean GB is installed. Just tell CIS to not show it again and it won’t pop up again.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Yes, that’s the screen. I’m pretty sure I told it not to display it again, but it still displayed. I’ll see next time it pops up.

But what about the exclusions not working?

I’m still having problems with Comodo scanning a network folder I told it to exclude. Every time I open the folder, the computer slows to a crawl while it checks all the files. I’ve excluded the network share in two ways:


and neither works. I’ve also tried adding individual sub-folders under that share and it still scans them.

Also, when it gives a false alarm on a file and I tell it to add that file to the exclusions, it still false alarms on the same file the next time around. I look in my list of excluded files and the same file shows up multiple times, once for each time I selected “exclude”.