Problem with Excluder

When I installed BOClean I put all my “trusted” programs in the Excluder. One of these is CCleaner. Well, yesterday I updated versions of CCleaner and BOC let me know on reboot that it had changed (:CLP), so I removed the old listing from Excluder and dragged CCleaner into Excluder again, (and it showd a different validation #).

But now, it KEEPS doing the same ■■■■ thing everytime I boot :THNK I have “removed” and “dragged” until I’ve lost count. I even UNinstalled and REinstalled BOC.

Same thing.

HELP please!

You might have already done this but I found that in order to get BOC to save the file was to click on the “Done” button or it would not save it.

hope this helps you


Thanks Jasper…I went back and checked to make sure I was using the “DONE” button.
Yep, I am.
AND, I’ve noticed something odd. Whatever program I delete out of the Excluder…(“remove” - “yes” to confirm - and “Done”)…when I go back into Excluder…the program is there again!!!

When I UNinstall and REinstall - the “Excluded” programs are already there! Where are this program list kept? I’m beginning to think some file is write-protected or something…

BTW…running 4.2.3 on XP Pro SP2 all updates…COMODO Firewall…NOD32…SanaSecurity SafeConnect…SpyDoc+AVG A/S+SpyBot

Ok, I went into BOC and deleted the file that I have in there and it stayed removed. I then added it back in by using the File Viewer and dragging it into the BOC window and clicked Done and it stayed. I closed BOC between each of the operations. I then opened the program files folder and just picked an exe file at random without going thru the BOC file viewer and did a drag to the BOC window and clicked Done and it saved it alright. I can’t get it to not save it.

The file that I exclude gets updated once a month usually and BOC tells me about it and I go in and delete the old file and replace it with the new file.

I do not know where the file for the list of excluded files is saved without actually just going and looking for it. You might try uninstalling/reinstalling BOC with all programs that might conflict with it closed during the reinstall or try disabling some of the other security programs one at a time to see if one of them is stopping the operation.


I believe it saves that information in the .dat file at C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\BOC folder.

I am now experiencing BOC’s Excluder not excluding as directed…

All of a sudden today it (not as a result of updates; it hasn’t updated since yesterday - wasn’t able to contact server) it started identifying lminiit.dll as a remote access trojan. It has not done this previously (the file is part of LogMeIn), although CAVS has, and I’ve excluded it there. I promptly dragged it into BOC’s Excluder, and clicked Done.

No luck. The first time it prompted again, I found it had not kept the file in the Excluder. I dragged it back in, and it has stayed (so far). Then I rebooted. However, it continues to alert on it, stop it, etc (of course I don’t’ let it remove the file). I finally had to close out BOC because it was popping every time it did a regular scan.

The file in question is in the system 32 folder; there is also a version of it in the program files as well; both were created with the install. Just in case, I put the other one in there as well (in the Excluder); it did not make a difference.

Screenshot attached.


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Have you reported it in the New CBO 4.24 will be out soon thread?

Ditto here Mac. It started doing this yesterday evening (my time) and despite all instances of lmiinit.dll (and ramain.exe just for good measure) being in the Excluder. It seems to be sticking in the Excluder, but it does keep popping alerts for a couple of minutes after being added there.

Ewen :slight_smile:

To make it even more odd, while it did trip on my home machine as well, and once after I put it in Excluder, it has not done it since. At work, it just kept going and going; I thought it was the Energizer Bunny! And I did drag the shortcut from Start/All Programs (for LogMeIn) in there as well (at work, that is; I have not at home, as it didn’t seem as pervasive); it didn’t help.


For what it’s worth, I WAS able to fix my “problem”. I UNinstalled CBOClean and then ran an excellent registry cleaner I use (SuperWin’s RegVac). Then I REinstalled CBOClean in SAFE mode.

THEN, I had a nice, virgin EXCLUDER list, which I re-dragged everything I want excluded into (AGAIN!!!) Now, everybody’s happy.

Seems like a bug in the Excluder segment - and what a P.I.T.A! :-\