Problem with e-mail express after upgrade

After upgrading to V.3, my e-mail express halts, comes up error and I get an error message from Spysweeper re my e-mail attachments. OK on previous version. I’ve tried to allow Spysweeper through the trusted apps, etc. but no go. Only way to work is to disable the Spysweeper e-mail attachment shield. Any other thoughts?

Also: Desktop icon doesn’t work. Can only open from toolbar tray. What’s wrong here?


Hi jimmie b, welcome to the forums.

Email: What is the error you’re getting from Spysweeper? Also is there anything is CFPs Logs relating to this error?

Icon: It should work… check the properties of the desktop icon & confirm there are no switches present on the target command line.

It’s the Spysweeper email attachments shield communication error. It pops up right after I get the e-mail failure message. I’ll check the logs to see if there’s anything.

Seems other people may also have the similar error so I’ll do some more reading/research on this forum.

Icon: Target line appears to be OK as it goes back to the correct program so not sure on this one. Maybe it’s not loading at start-up for some reason.