Problem with dne and comodo 2.4 / and roaming profiles [Resolved]

we have a very strange problem with the dne, comodo3/comodo2.4 and roaming profiles.
If a special person (loginname “wol”) is logging on, the eventlog only shows an error with the eventid’s 40960, 40961 and doesn’t load the profile. If I uninstall the comodo firewall all is working fine. The problem exists also with comodo 2.4 latest build.

The hardware is a dell latitude 520.
We were testing his account on several notebooks and always get the same problem.
But this problem only exists with the account “wol”. All other notebookusers didn’t have a problem with that.

I deleted the account at the active directory and created a new one with the same username. Same problem.

I hope you can help us.

Best regards,

I solved the problem by myself.

Don’t know why the packets grow bigger but here is the solution: