Problem With .dll Detection:

I find I have a problem. Comodo firewall frequently displays messages that specific programs I have are inserting .dlls’ into Internet Explorer. Therefore, Comodo won’t let me use Internet Explorer. I have considered tinkering with and disabling the .dll finder in Comodo, however I do not wish to lower my security to .dlls. The only way Comodo will allow me to access Internet Explorer is if I uninstall whatever programs it tells me are inserting these .dlls in I.E. Is there a way I can continue to keep those programs, and yet tell Comodo Firewall to give me access to Internet Explorer, yet without compromosing my security concerning .dlls’? When I tried making rules for these programs ahead of time, I still had the same problem with those programs.


Hey Bruce,

Some DLL and OCX insertions into IE are legitimate. You will need to look at each and determine whether the object in question is part of an application that you trust. If you select to remember, you should only see a warning the first time it occurs.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile: