Problem with Direct Cable Connection

I have a rather old laptop Pentium-MMX/166MHz/64MB/1.4GB HDD; everything except FD and CD drives are functional. In the past I have used DCC and a parallel (null modem) cable to connect my newer and faster desktop and the old laptop. I’m not entirely sure what is causing this but am suspecting that CFP (2.4) has changed something that is preventing me from making this connection. I need to have this enabled so I can share the FD and CD drive on my desktop to load an ethernet card driver on the laptop. I’m completely lost. PLEASE HELP! (:SAD)

[u]Update on 27-Jun-2007:
I’ve must have spent close to 14 hours searching for a solution on this issue. Although it has not resulted in any major breakthrough, it is now clear that only Incoming connections are not being accepted. The desktop on which I have XP works just fine as a “guest” when dcc’ing. That is not what I want, and in fact just the opposite. When I try to be host I get the message “Router and Remote Access Service is not started”. However when I try to manually start it it fails with an event that says it failed with a code 340 or something of that sort. I’m hoping that someone in this forum has some knowledge on resolving this. Appreciate your help.

Oh by the way, I have checked all dependencies and other services to insure they are up and running so don’t bother going down that road.

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Hello people,

Anyone out there with ideas on how to fix this problem? I’ll wait for a day before I pry open my laptop and hunt for a replacement CD-ROM drive. I hate to do it because the laptop is ten (10) yrs old and the replacement CD drive will be worth more than the laptop will fetch today.

Thanks very much in advance.


I’m surprised you’re even able to have a functioning computer with 64 MB ram :o:;msg73668#msg73668

If you set Security Level to Allow All can’t you connect then? Anything blocked in the CFP logs? Any screenshots of rules to upload?

Thanks for the pointer, am wondering why I didn’t think of that before. I won’t jump to it right away. After I write this note I’ll disconnect from the network and attempt it. I’m beginning to suspect that it may not be CFP after all. I say this because I’m a little suspicious about Windows OneCare; I had that before I got CFP. I’ll post the outcome one way or another.

As for the older laptop; I’m a bit surprised too. It was not used for several years and it finally has come out of storage. It is loaded with Windows ME, but as soon as I can get my hands around this issue I’ll be loading it with DSL (■■■■ Small Linux), and will be used for internet surfing and email only.

I already have a backup plan in case this attempt does not yield the expected results. I have managed to find a refurbished CDROM (replacement) for about $20. I only hope that it is not the IDE (or whatever) controller that has failed.

Thanks again.


I tried what was suggested and some more (disabled the Windows Firewall too), but sad to report that the problem still exists. I’m pretty darn convinced that it is either Windows OneCare that has left something behind that is blocking my XP from being a Host (or accepting incoming connections).

Thanks anyway.


IDE Controller? Whatever it is, it seems to be beyond me. If Device Manager shows a yellow exclamation mark or red x then that’s an indication of failure. Windows Event Log is another place.