Problem with defense browser

Hello i’ve used use comodo firewall, when I open the browser chrome I exit this window

what does it mean?? every time I close and then open my browsers, this window comes out … why?

See this thread and possible fix:;msg885047#msg885047

The good news is that it will be fixed in the next release.
You can try RC version by yourself:

Hello , thanks for reply, I solved, the browser installed the extension chrome cleaner pro but I did not see in the system, but adwcleaner saw it in the results, doing various checks with other programs etc … I managed to eliminate this annoying extension and so comfortable I do not has more warned. ;D

This is also a great piece of software from Comodo to clean any shady browser modifications/extensions and hijacks. You can try it to make sure.

I did not know this handy utility, I tried it and my system was clean. thanks for this tip. :-TU