Problem with database update?

First i hope that i am placing it in the correct forum, if not…sorry Moderators.

I am using the latest version of CIS v6.2, and just 20 minutes ago i saw that the AV database last updated a day ago? When i check the update setting i see that it is set to check for updates everyday for the program itself and every 6 hours for the database?

I even clicked on update a few times and it gives me the message that there are no updates for both the program and the Database? ???

And Windows 7 security center started warning me that i need to update Comodo Antivirus? Maybe it is nothing, but i can help but getting a bit nervous here right now.

Hi Morro,
There is currently some unknown issues with the DB updates, you can find some discussion in the link below.
Staff are aware of the problem.
Discussion about reduction in size of AV database

Kind regards.

Ah i see, that is good to know. Well at least it is good to know that it is not a problem on my end of the line. Thank you for the information captainsticks. :slight_smile:

You are welcome and yes I agree it is a good feeling to be able to dismiss a local issue. :wink:

Glad to know it’s not just me as well mate I’ve searching google to find out why mine won’t update as well it says a day ago on my PC also. I’m sure they will get it sorted soon, at least the firewall still works so it should be fine. I’ll check back later to see if anyone else knows what’s going on.

What I have found re The Update is that after applying an “Update” manually and then going to “View Connections”, there are a great number of Connective Downloads being installed. My thought is that I will continue doing this for the foreseen future, as a “Just in Case” scenario.


Yeah…actually I noticed an update issue, and Win Xp is keeping warning me about that…luckily CIS has several protection layers other than the AV signature updates…that, in any case, is still quite important…

Yeah i agree. But i still hope they will be able to fix it fast.

Yeah still no update yet I don’t want to install AVG again I prefer CIS by a long shot

I have the same problem. I noticed this problem with a Windows alert that says my antivirus is outdated.
However, the frequency of updating signatures is 2 hours and 1 day program.
I ran an update but a message tells me that the database is already up to date.
In the prior update, it says that the update occurred 2 hours ago.
The antiviral base is 16572.
Where can I see the version of the antiviral signatures on the site of comodo?

I believe there is some kind of problem with the Comodo team I’ve been looking for a manual install of the database but that is a few days old.


Just came back to my 'Confuser", did a manual COMODO UPDATE check, and was pleasantly surprised.

Much thanks, and keep up The Good Work.

Kind regards.

The updates are now back up and working again…

I just noticed, still thank you for letting us know. :slight_smile: