Problem with D+ & MSN Messenger

Hi Community,
i have a Problem with my MSN Messenger (pure actual Version - no MSN Plus installed).
When i write to my contacts, i see my text with 15-20 seconds delay.
Also i can´t see what i write, its blank till i send the message (with the delay, too).

When i disabled D+, all is fine, the text is shown with no delay.

Anyone know how to fix this? ???

Win 7 32bit
4gig ram
Security Software: only CIS
No Malware on Board (for sure)


Something else interfering perhaps? I run the current beta with no delays seen.

Hi John,
thank you for your answer, i think nothing else interfering, its a fresh windows.Anyone else here with the actual final Version of MSN?
Now i see, that it only happends when i set D+ to safe mode, when i switch to clean pc mode or paranoid mode, its ok with no delay.

Other thing: with D+ enabled in all settings, i cant paste any links / text (which i copied before) to my Opera browser.when i try to paste it in a textfile: no problem. ???

I don’t think MSN Final has been released yet. Not even an RC. It still doesn’t show or allow video conferencing yet unless specifically started as a video conference.

Hi John,
I dont mean some unofficial builds or some beta versions. :wink:
I have Build 14.0.8117.416 Version 2009

My error, sorry.