Problem with CPIL Test [Resolved]

I downloaded and tried the Comodo Parent Injection Leak Test found here:

I ran it, and followed the instructions, and as explained on the page, I got a pop up saying the dll files had modified internet exlporer and it was trying to access the net, so I denied it.

Then, I started getting messages about it with firefox, msn and other programs.

Now MSN won’t connect to the net, and my computer has slowed to a crawl.

How do I fix this?

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Hi Surebrec

It is highly recommended that you reboot your system between (or after) each CPIL test. Since the CPIL injects a DLL into explorer.exe (the parent process of many things) it will impact many processes if you leave your system running, which is why you should reboot after each CPIL test. It is also recommended that you do not Deny CPIL alerts “Remembered”.

Hope that helps.

thanks for the help, I restarted after I posted yesterday and it fixed it up.