Problem with CPF


When I start windows everything is set to OFF and I am unable to turn anything ON. Are there any services that I need to enable for comodo to function properly or is something else the problem?

I think i have seen something about “Terminal services”. That should be on. I’m not sure though…

What do you mean by “everything is off”?

Sorry for the confusion. When I open Comodo Firewall, under the summary tab: Application Monitor, Component Monitor, and Application Behavior Analysis are all set to off and I am unable to turn them on. After about 30 seconds, comodo displays two messages saying they couldn’t be initialized.

This means it has not been properly installed. What is your operating system? And what other security software do you have?


My security software includes AVG Free Edition and Windows Defender. I had Comodo working fine on the last version, but then decided to uninstall it when it had trouble updating itself. My operating system is Windows XP Pro. Just to let you know, everytime I try to install it now, it doesn’t even ask me for an activation code.


  • Uninstall your current CPF & Run ccleaner

  • Run any Registry cleaner (Optional)

  • Download and reinstall the current CPF here

That should do it.


I’ve done this numerous times without any luck.


I’ve seen couple of posts on people having issues with CPF when they have AVG on.

I’d suggest uninstalling your AVG & CPF

Run ccleaner & reinstall CPF

Now let’s see what happens without AVG installed?


I’ve gotten no luck with this either.

Is there any hope for me?

Maybe some registry keys I can delete that the old version of Comodo forgot to uninstall?

Havr you checked if terminal service is on?

Yep, its on. Are there any other ones that comodo might require?