problem with comodo

Hello there

I have problem with comodo

after maybe 3 month I open this site

I scan the port It was give me all ports green

now a lot of ports is blue

why ???

I use comodo 6 + kingsoft + malwarebites + hitman pro + I download all update for the windows

what the proplem ??

Help please


It’s Comodo 6 BETA. It might have such issues. Firewall might not work properly on your system. Report it. You didn’t have any problems with version 5.10? Did you use ‘stealth ports’ in version 6?

Seany007 thank you vey much

sorry for late

the problem in the comodo 5.10 and comodo 6

yes I use stealth ports

do you have any idea ???

I see. In that case the problem is not with Comodo. What internet type connection are you using? Cable, router? It might be your router/cable. Are you using the same router/cable as before? Did you change your internet provider? Closed ports (blue) and stealthed ports (green) are almost the same neither will permit unauthorised access. However a stealthed port (green) will not report your presence which makes it harder for an attacker to probe your computer. You really only need to worry about open ones (red). It will help me if you can name the ports which are in blue?