problem with comodo upgrade

Hi everybody,

I use Comodo AV since about 5 months now, and, overall, its been very helpfull of getting rid of EVIL program on my comp.

Nevertheless I got a strange problem,
Each time I start my comp, Comodo tell me that a new upgraded version is available for download, I get it.
Then I do a restart, same message!

I did that like 3 times, and the new upgrade seem to be always available, although I already downloaded it.

Could Comodo have some upgrading problems? Or does a malware can somehow modify my upgrade status with my AV?



Your CaptainAwesum

there was a problem with the latest upgrade and they stopped it for a little bit. Wait a week or so and try again or keep an eye on the forum.

Thank you man. I’ll keep an eye for the forum and see when the problem will be rectified.

hey, Im in similar situation

a few days ago I’ve been alerted to the update available, I’ve downloaded it, it seemes very big, well, I assumed it’s installed but now each time I reboot Im getting alerts about the update available, wel, uh why? i’ve downloaded and installed it already, I thought

then I read this forum about some bugs etc, still the question stands, as i assume its been already installed, then why am i getting the alerts still? should I attempt to download it again? will it be a patch or the same update again?

my comodo already says 3.13.119746.572 so its the newst version, right?

oh im using only the firewall and defense, no antivirus, if that matters.
Xp Home sp3

thanks guys in advance for some help :smiley:

Apparently there is now a 3.13.xxxx.574 that was just released.

ok, thanks for letting me know.
However, the release says it’s todays date.
And In my case I’ve been getting the constant alerts about the new update available, after downloading the recent one around 5 days ago.

so was there any unannounced .573 version or what? :slight_smile: