Problem with comodo time machine

After i installed comodo time machine my computer stays on startup with black screen and white blinker top of the left screen. Then i have to press power button and close computer and after that windows starts normaly. It happens every time.
Laptop is HP Compaq CQ60.

How to fix this?


What OS?
Vista and Win7 contain useful recovery tools on the installation CD, like fixmbr or startup fixer.
I’m just guessing, but I’d try that.

OS is windows 7. I uninstalled CTM and now windows starts normal again. Dont know why its not working properly… awsome application.

Oh yeah . . . that should have been my first suggestion: try uninstalling CTM :-[

did you see installation progress after you restart ctm and before windows starts up?

i reinstalled ctm and for now no startup issue…

I installed Time Machine (latest) on my XP-SP2 Dell Laptop
I did see the Initial mini console when I rebooted and it did a snapshot
However, I have never been able to boot to windows even since.
I see a blinking cursor (Top left) and a “.” dor or period on the line below.

Have tried every game I can think of without success.

Is this a reformat and reinstall situation?

So much for the Time machine…