Problem with Comodo FW, computer is not for use


I need help. I updated Windows few days ago and Chrome yesterday. Since then I have problems on my PC. Chrome and IE cannot run.
I noticed there are those errors with this file: guard64.dll, iseguard64.dll and iseguard32.dll. I uninstall Comodo and IE worked but not Chrome. Chrome did not work at all even when I uninstall, reinstall, deleted file from profile.

I had to reinstall PC. After reinstall everything works. I install Comodo FW and the problem is back. IE and Chrome does not work. I do not want to reinstall my PC again all day. When I uninstall Comodo Chrome does not work again.

The problem is surely caused by Comodo. When I change Comodo config (firewall to proactive) it does not work either. I work as admin in Windows.

Comodo blocks Chrome (I downloaded Chrome from official web) in FILE RATING/FILE LIST, but I unblock it and it still does not work.

What should I do?

I have latest win 10 64b, latest Comodo FW, atest Chrome.

Hi radek178,
Man you please share Windows build and version details as shown via winver.exe ?


Hi Umesh,

thank you for your answer. I hope you mean this thing.

It’s a known issue with MS Update KB4022716 (OS Build 15063.447), we are working on a fix:

Deeply sorry for inconvenience caused.


Thank you for your answer. But I was not possible to find out because I updated yesterday and your article is from today.

What should I do? Should I uninstall windows KB or just wait?

Reinstalling with latest Comodo version does not help.

Do not install Secure Shopping. And add web browsers file group to exclusions of detect shellcode injections.

I have CF installed already and I do not want install it again. I think I did not choose Secure Shopping when installing CF. I have only CF.

It is strange but Chrome started work today. I did not change any settings or any software on my PC…