Problem with COMODO Firewall


Recently, I’ve been attacked by an UDP Flood Attack. So, I’ve test a php script to send to my IP packets with UDP Flood and it worked (the attack was done and i didn’t surf in the web because this attack caused me lot of bugs). So, i did some search with Google to find a firewall who can block UDP Flood (UDP sending packets) and I found that Comodo Firewall can do this, but when I configure the firewall and I test again the UDP Flood, it’s work again (COMODO Firewall don’t block the UDP Flood) so I lag as if I didn’t have a firewall.

I’ve viewed in the comodo’s forum that there is a solution ( but I tested the 3 proposed solutions and they didn’t work (I think i’ve done these instructions correctly).

So, I want to know how can we block pind and UDP Flood (don’t allow to receive packets throught UDP) with COMODO Firewall please, because it’s very urgent.

(Sorry for my very bad english but I speak only a little english :s).

Thank you in advance.

With the 3.x there were attack detection settings to play with. They were taken out with v4.

To download the latest published version of v3: .

What version do you have?

I must say that I have a router. But I don’t think that my router receive attack because if it’s my router who receive it, why i’m lagging ?

When I did these tests, I had the latest version. I downloaded the v3.14.130099 of Comodo Firewall (latest v3 version before the v4). What must I do now ? Because without changing any parameters, I did an another attack with my php script and all packets were sent (it’s a php script who send packets using UDP flood).

Usually your router would get the attack unless you have one or more open ports that were being used during the flooding. Then your firewall would get the flood.

Is your connection still under attack from this UDP flood? Then I recommend to also inform the abuse department of the ISP of which the attack is coming.

You mentioned you tried to block ping following the advice in the url you gave in your topic start. You wonder if you implemented it correctly. How did you did you apply it? Can you post a screenshot of it?

The php test script you are using does it run from your own computer?