Problem with COMODO FIREWALL and Windows 10 x64


I use COMODO Firewall and he detect a archive legitim of Windows how vírus. After reboot my system not is more possible access my desktop. The desktop only flashes without stop.

My Windows version is: 1607 compilation (14393.693)

Others softwares of Security installed is Avast Free and Zemana AntiMalware Free.

My configuration of COMODO Firewall: Firewall enable, HIPS disable, Auto-Sandbox disable, Viruscope disable, Web-filter disable.

COMODO Firewall version is

I asking now.

Why if I use only Firewall he blocked archives how antivírus? The COMODO Firewall v10 is ridiculous. I configured to only Firewall and he persist in detect archives with function of antivírus.

Note: I not installed COMODO Firewall after format my computer. Not is possible restore after of problem.

Try to disable cloud lookup too

Yes, I disable cloud function too. I use only Firewall enable, but COMODO persist in detect archives.

If you still have the archive or explain where you got it from, it would help to see what happened. But it could be that it wasn’t an archive but an executable that had the archive icon? Hard to tell without the file in question or comodo event logs.

Strange… I had some problems with CFW and I had to roll back to the first release
Maybe you can try to uninstall the release 6092 and reinstall the 6086


It is a archive of past system32, but your name I not remember. I format my system and not install COMODO again and the problem not occur more.

I repeat: Why if I use only Firewall he blocked archives how antivírus?

The moderator not answer my question, in other words, without consideration with customers. I not send much informations because my system not initialize normal after problem. I abandoned COMODO now. Bye