problem with comodo fire wall

hi , i’ve download the comodo personal firewall the 8 and it’s was ok , but there’s a news version so i’ve acepted this one, after the download of the news files and after install them
comodo have said the restart system to apply changes

until this time comodo have block all comunication with the net.

i’ve a 9box, my pc is conected by wi fi
the comodo block comunication with 9box but the wifi was ok
online games said that dns serveur is unacess

i’ve try to go on autorise aera, to configure acces to the 9 box , comodo have create two rules but that don’t have work …

so what can i do ?

no one can help me ? (:SAD)

Welcome to the forums renaud,

I am having trouble deciphering your post so I might not have the correct thinking here.

From what I can make out you have already tried to make a Trusted Zone and you still cannot get a connection?

If you Allow All does that let you connect to the internet?

Have you checked your logs to see if something is being blocked?

Let’s start with those questions and work from there.