Problem with Comodo cache builder Cavwp.exe always running

I have problem with the Comodo cache builder it runs constantly when computer is idle. But the task never finishes. Normally my computer goes into sleep mode after 1 hour. But the cache builder makes it not going to sleep. As soon as i make any activity it stops.

But the problem is that the task never finishes…it runs forever. Its like a never ending loop.
I have uninstalled and re installed but that dont help.

The thing i have done to fix this is to disable the cache builder. In the antivirus option.

This must be some kind off bug.

help appreciated

Same problem here with CIS 7.0.

I am finding if you open the task manager in the CIS interface and click on the priority tab and switch it to High, that this usually helps it complete more efficiently. I have to do this on both versions 6 and 7 or it seems to go on forever and tax my systems. Also, it helps to not have anything else open while these processes are running, I’ve made it a habit now upon start up to just wait for CIS to do it’s thing first and complete before I try and do anything, or else I’ll have sluggish system performance.