'Problem' with Comodo and Windows Firewall?

Whenever I start Windows (having disabled Windows XP firewall) I notice that there is always the icon in my system tray that Windows is trying to find my IP address. I go to Security Centre and notice that Windows Firewall is ON. Once my IP address has been found, it turns itself off and tells me that Comodo is running. Does Comodo turn on my Windows Firewall every time I start even if I disable it every time? If so, why is this?

Many thanks

CPF during the installation, disables window firewall. But it does not touch it after installation. I am not sure what that may happen.

Know this: Windows Firewall is NOT a firewall at all.
It’s just an interface for Windows internal traffic management.
The case you have here, happens when you’re using Dynamic IP (DHCP).
This thing may cause this anomaly:
*. You’re pc boot-up to slow (due too many startup pre-load).
*. The router/gateway is way too slow to offer the correct ip to your pc.