Problem with Comodo and Powerpro


I have a program called PowerPro installed on my system which has powerful launch bar to run programs amongst many other things.

The problem that I am encountering since installing CAVS a few days ago is that whenever I launch a new program from PowerPro the HIPS Application Control warning window comes up but freezes itself as well as PPro. It needs a reboot to rectify the problem. With the HIPS Application Control disabled I have no problem.

As much as I would like to keep using CAVS, PPro is too valuable a tool to forgo. I also notice in the Allow/Block list a whole series of programs that I use constantly (some are start up programs which load on startup) which are marked as “blocked” when i have not been the option of blocking them in the first place.

I added Ppro.exe to the allow list before but it does not show up and when I click on the Find File button to add the exe to the allow list nothing happens.

I also posted an enquiry a few days ago regarding scanning of file downloads (;msg159428#msg159428) which has not yet been addressed.

I would really appreciate your help in resolving these issues as I am a keen and enthusiastic user of Comodo products.

Thank you very much in advance for your assistance.