problem with comodo and internet

Also, I’ve got Swatit, AVG, Adaware, and Spytbot, and Spysweeper installed.

the only ones that come on startup are AVG and Spysweeper

During installation both AVG and Spysweeper were killed, of course after reboot they come back

Hi Steveo.

Interesting screenies 88) Well done for staying with this, I am sure it will all come good in the end :slight_smile:

That first screen shot worries me a little; personally I’ve never seen it, and my first reaction would be to say ‘bad install’ :-\ I know you’ve been down this road many times, so it must be frustrating. I guess my first question would be:

  1. When you have removed cfp before, are you absolutely sure nothing remains of the installation, either on the hard disk or in the registry?

I understand you have a router, which is probably a DHCP server and will trying to allocate your computer an IP Address. Looks like a 192,168… address. I would suggest you set your PC, for now, to automatically acquire an IP address i.e. DHCP.

I also suggest you remove any Network Monitor rules for ‘Zones’ and create a new zone/trusted network using the 192.168… range.

After a reboot we can see what happens.

OK, so I’ve been uninstalling with a program called “Your Uninstaller” its supposed to uninstall plus get rid of everything behind. After that I would run Regseeker and get anything left over…

So, just now out of curiosity, I ran Regseeker to clean. After that clean, I did a search for “Comodo” and 25 keys turned up!!

So, here I go again, will install again.,5680.0.html

Soya, you pointed me a topic. I read the topic, got excited. But in the end, no solution. I’ll keep an eye on that topic.

These are the only remaining relevant winsock threads in this forum:,5697.0.html,3921.0.html