Problem with Commodo inability to learn and or intransegence


For whatever reason(S) Commodo fail’s to either learn or accept my inputs
and repeatedly (obstinately) prompts me for permission to allow traffic from, or recognize the site Certificates from Google, Mozzilla and many or even most other continuously used sites.

It will repeatedly prompt me 3 times in a row, and even when I check the permanently acceept the certificates from this site, it’s a virtual certainty, it will intransegently continue call that particular sites certificates into question.

What gives Cyber megalomania (Commodo will next annex the Sudatenland :wink:

Kind Regards FredJ

Welcome FredJ

I confess I am confused ??? You say that CFP is prompting you to allow “site certificates”. I assume by this, you mean the kind of certificate that is used by browsers, for SSL authentication?

I have never seen this, so it would be helpful if you could take a snapshot of one of the prompts and post it here.

If your not sure how, here is a tutorial:

Screenshot-posting for beginners