Problem with CLT

As I posted previous:;msg401485#msg401485 see n. 144 and then 147 and 179. I came back to 4.0 version - disk image - then i updated at 4.1. now CLT seems working: I have many alerts from it, test seems run, then it stopped and the result is " 0/0 ". I believe that CLT is bugged…

The alerts posted at;msg401576#msg401576
are seemingly related to Image Execution Control settings.

Yes, so i think. My problem is the anomale and irregular working of CLT, - also with 3,14 version - while former it ran right.

Guess this was part of the description you provided.

Too bad then, my post was meant for the only part I could answer according to the details you provided so far.

Whenever actually that post with screenshots was the only one you didn’t list in this new topic (it wasn’t neither n. 144 nor n. 147 nor n. 179)

Which settings are you reffering to ? I have the same problem (result 0/0, does not actually perform the test at all) whatever the settings of Image Execution Control. How is it possible to perform the test ?