Problem with ClearProg

I had ClearProg installed and it ran smoothly. With the newest version of CIS (5.0) freshly installed, however, not all sytem cleaning tasks are possible. ClearProg stopps at “cleaning system temp” and cmdagent hangs at 100% CPU load.
Only killing with task manager (both programs) is possible or shutdown.

Win 7 64bit
Comodo 64bit
ClearProg 1.6.1 beta 3

When I disable “cleaning of system temp” it works, however, I would like to keep that option.

I appreciate any help!


It is not a matter of ClearProg. The same happens wirth CCleaner, and with Windows Explorer! I just need to browse into Windows/Temp and cmdagent freaks out, even when I do nothing, no selecting, copying, deleting or anything like that.

It seems to be a much more general issue. Perhaps the thread title should be changed.

I cannot duplicate this issue. Mine functions properly.

Sounds like you have mentioned folders added to your Blocked Files and Folders. Go take a look under Defense + → Computer Security Policy and see if the folders are being blocked.

I fixed the problem meanwhile: booted with CIS completele disabled (incl. cmdagent) and manually cleaned Windows/temp completely. Rebooted with CIS and then it was OK. New files could be deleted (with Clearprog or CCleaner.

I can only imagine that programs attempted to access files in Windows/Temp while there were in use, causing the problem. There is a lot of activity sometimes (creating and deleting files).