Problem with CIS wouldn't update virus database and now a blackscreen

I attempted to update my virus database and got the “update failed antivirus engine is not initialized” error. I tried to repair in control panel and the option was greyed out. I selected change and it updated to a different version which I hate, and installed “Geek Buddy” and “Comodo Dragon” which I didn’t want. I rolled back my restore point and now I get a blackscreen for Comodo.

I don’t want version 7, I want my flawless version 5.12 back, no widgets or geek buddy or dragon or popups about “check us out on facebook” or “get pro 7 now”. Just my firewall/AV/defense/sandbox. All that other stuff is a massive unnecessary resource hog, and exactly why I got rid of McCaffee and then Nortons. Where can I download version 5.12 for a reinstall?

Thank you in advance for the helpful download link.

You can download the v5.12 here: