Problem with CIS Auto-Sandbox Alerts

i have a problem with CIS Auto-Sandbox Alerts
when CIS runs a program in sandbox automatically a pop-up alert window appears in the corner of screen like this:

but this pop-up window apear just one time for each program and when i run a program for second time the pop-up window is no longer displayed.

is there any option to show this alert for always ?

CIS version: 8.2

Seems to be a malware or program that is not listed in Comodo whitelist.
You only get one popup for each new program that is run, after, depending on your answer to the popup, it is automaticaly sandboxed.
Go to Defense+/Sandbox/Auto-Sandbox, You files sould be there, althought i don’t recommend to add it to trusted files…

Unfortunately no, there is no setting to always show an alert this has been the behavior since the introduction of the sandbox. The only way to know if an application is sandbox after the first instance, is to look at the logs or active process list with show sandboxed applications only option set. Of course if the app in question is run fully virtualized, then a green border is shown around the apps window. I guess making a wish report to always show an alert might have comodo implement the change.