Problem With CIS and CF

Hi all

I have just installed the comodo firewall from the CIS Suite

  1. The problem is CIS service is also running after the update. I just want to know that whether the antivirus is also running or not ?

  2. While installing some softwares [ Known ] i usually switch to the installation mode. In the installation mode itself i’m getting some popups.

My suggestions :

     It's better if  we have a seperate packages for firewall and antivirus and then internet security. So that user cannot messup while installing the pack. 

     Please donn give more technical information in the popups, The person who's trying the firewall for the first time will find something scare and can switch to some other firewalls. 

     Think you will do take care of this issues. 

MuthusrinivasaN :slight_smile:

you can’t mess up during install. The default is all (the enire suite), or you as the installer can select to not install (or only install) certain modules (in this case, either CAV or CFP).

I take it you only installed CFP, so the antivirus portion is NOT running.

I have just installed the firewall. the firewall service is running and an process. Then CIS Service is also running.

I think you are referring to Defense+. If you wish to disable this (also), right click on the CIS icon, mouse over Defense+ Security Level, select Disabled.

Hi thanks for the reply

I’m just asking that if i select firewall only the CIS service will run or not ??

The firewall service is running and i donno why the CIS is also running.

MuthusrinivasaN :slight_smile:

I am not sure I fully understand this, then. You DL’d CIS, installed only the Firewall w/D+.
The software is still listed as CIS, even though you are not using the AV portion of it.
The file CFP.exe is only the GUI part of the software. Maybe this is the confusion?

the software is still listed as Internet security and also a service is running in the name of CIS.

Getting me ?

CIS that you see running is the actual program itself and runs behind the scenes so to speak. It will monitor your system to keep it safe. The CIS service you see is CmdAgent.exe
CFP.exe is the user interface, or GUI if you prefer part of the program. This is intentional to maintain the security you desire.
It seems to me everything is running as it should on your computer.