Problem with CIS 5.9 update

Im having some problem with the CIS 5.9 update.

The definition updates is working fine but the software update shows me an error message “The system can not find the specified file (o sistema não pode encontrar o arquivo especificado in portuguese)”.

When I update my CIS to 5.9, everything was working fine but now, i have this problem. Maybe some issue with the COMODO server?

EDIT.: Sorry. I didnt see the post in cis 5.9 release topic.

Microsoft Patch Tuesday has ■■■■■■■ up the COMODO update feature, it says there is an update but it says file not found. PLEASE HELP :P0l

Where the HE double hockey sticks is the 5.9 Update forum topic you saw? ???

NM I found it. I am going to repost this since you said you saw this somewheere else but it doesnt update whats actually wrong.

The update has been suspended. Moving this thread to the help forum as it is not a bug.

Please try to update again, this should be OK now.